Monday, March 11, 2019


March 8, 2019 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

Amazing, timeless, TOP of their game! AmaZing! DID I already say that.......?"

OPENING: The show began about 25 minutes later than the printed 8pm start time and the band launched into The Chain' and took us on a sweeping time machine journey of 21 songs and 40+ years. It was IN tune and AmaZing! Did I already say that?

Stevie Nicks was an ageless beauty of RoCK as was 75 year old vocalist/keyboardist Christine McVie! Talented ladies.

Band founder and anchor Mick Fleetwood continues to be the jet engine of the band, pacing the energy of the show and making our time machine a white knuckle affair! Fleetwood showed a youthful vigor and love for his art and career. His stage persona was invigorating and show stopping with drum solos and artist introductions. He IS a man who loves his audience and enjoys bringing his quality work to us!

Mike Campbell, the long time guitarist for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers was also a show-stopper with his timeless riffs to the popular songs! Free Falling, a Tom Petty classic, led a 3-song encore to finish the show! Stevie on vocals being led by Campbell was hair on my neck' raising! 

Great touch with the Peter Green penned Black Magic Woman. Made famous by Carlos Santana in 1971, the band recognized Green as one of the early Fleetwood Mac originals along with Fleetwood and bassist John McVie in the 1960's! Stevie Nicks played up her role as the Black magic woman' with cool, vampy vocals and flowing black lace! 

GREAT show! GREAT experience! Lindsey WHO?

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Kashmir: The Live Led Zeppelin Show

The Levoy Theater: October 5, 2018

Kashmir: The Live Led Zeppelin Show blew the roof off the Levoy Theater in Millville! It was high energy 1960's and 1970's classics performed to perfection by 2018 players. A GREAT time machine escape from crazy politics, stories, nonsensical news headlines and day to day life, Led Zeppelin songs came to life to a packed auditorium crowd.

The setlist: In the Evening, How Many More Times and Misty Mountain Hop kicked off the show and put me in my teenage time warp! I grew up on these songs! My personal Big 3 favorites kicking off my night was amazing. Catalog classics included Tangerine, Moby Dick and the power of the beat was evident by these talented players! Whole Lotta Love, Stairway To Heaven and the Kashmir finale was totally cool. I was strapped, white-knuckled into my time machine. I was brought back to a time of youth, parties and romance by these timeless classics! A++++

The Players: Frontman vocalist and harmonica player, Jean Violet was vintage 1975 Robert Plant! The raspy voice heard in British Rock, The HAIR! The mannerisms! It was a great performance with stage presence to match! He conversed with the audience and we felt engaged. Power drummer, Paul Cooper showed us the best drum solo on Moby Dick that I've ever seen. Power and personality! He also threw his sticks into the crowd to our loud cheers!
Andy Urban portrayed a youthful Jimmy Page on guitar and bow, much to the delight of the crowd. I most liked his Whole Lotta Love melody of chords! The icon double-neck guitar was awesome on Stairway' with acoustic and electric chords being utilized expertly by this accomplished pro.
Felix Hanemann, was expert on keyboards, bass and mandolin.Everyone enjoyed his versatility and skills on these iconic songs. A+++

The music of Led Zeppelin has crossed generations, stood the test of time for 50 years! THIS band brought the goods, they captured the legend! A+++++  

Where can I see this awesome Zeppelin show? Tour:

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Concert Review: Wynonna and The Big Noise

July 25, 2018: Wynonna And The Big Noise, Cape May, NJ 

Country and Rockin' Blues artist Wynonna Judd and her band rolled into Cape May New Jersey and rocked the house at Cape May Convention Center! Having kicked off a 14 city national tour on July 14th in Wisconsin, the sweet, ageless lady celebrating over 30 years of Country fame, made a pack house feel like sitting down to a Southern home cookin' meal with all the trimmings!

The songs:  From Grandpa (tell me about the good ol days), to Love Can Build A Bridge, with full audience chorus participation, to an impromptu call of the redneck (from the audience) Freebird encore, it was a wonderful experience.  What fun when an accomplished artist reaches out and touches us with a kind, loving heart and such a powerful music style. Her prowess on guitar, harmonica and her rare unmistakable vocal tone gave everyone a lift on their way out the door! A+++  

The band: Wynonna's partner in crime and hubby, Scott Cactus' Moser, best known as the drummer for Highway 101. was a power presence behind the drum kit and on guitar and provided great comedic dialogue on stage with his devoted wife in between songs. LOVED it. Wynonna's spiritual searchings' amidst the trappings of celebrity and performance really shone through. It really gave everyone a clear picture of her heart and sincere love for both her occupation and the fans! Her band mates very tight and best in the world at what they do and it was evident. The tempo of the night was in high gear because of these great players! LOVE that pedal steel. A+++

Where can I see this awesome band?

Wynonna & The Big Noise 2018 Tour:

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

David Brighton's Space Oddity

June 16, 2018-David Brighton's Space Oddity 'The quintessential David Bowie Concert Experience."

"Rebel Rebel, you tore your dress..Rebel Rebel your face is a mess!" I may not wear dresses to tear BUT the music of DAVID bOWIE as presented by David Brighton made my brain a glorious mess for two hours in the intimate confines of The Levoy Theatre in Millville.

The Experience:  An opening video reel was featured of music and entertainment celebrities reminiscing of their earliest DB influences as a no nonsense writer, composer and trailblazing artist.

David Brighton's Space Oddity then followed this awesome lead-in with a two hour time warp, featuring the treasured classics, dress style and artistic versatility of a pop culture and music icon.

To imagine a once-unknown musician-singer named David Jones would be told to change his showbiz handle to "Bowie" as not to be confused with a more notorious star, (Davy Jones of The Monkees) during the 1960's is almost unfathomable when you listen and soak in the body of work of the once lesser known. David Brighton, a seasoned veteran of Legends in concert, would bring David Bowie to life in full technicolor and sound! A++++

The Setlist:   Blasting on to the stage with an eye opening Diamond Dogs classic Rebel Rebel, Young Americans and Golden Years..I was reaching back, white knuckle-gripped in my 1970's time machine, reliving a young me' playing the grooves off the vinyl in 1974-1976!

My earliest record buying influences was the Ziggy Stardust era and The Spiders From Mars! Suffragette City has been a top favorite since my early teens. I was living there, again..If only for two hours thanks to the prowess and power of these top players! "Ground Control to Major Tom".......I was mesmerized to favorite kid memories and parties and lost friendships of my early youth. What a Space Oddity, er, odyssey I was on.

Costume changes would "fire the jets" on my time machine for every era of classics and the transitions between generations was smooth as silk. Personal favorites of the past 40 years, Heroes, China Girl, Jean Genie, AND Cha-cha-CChanges' were RoCKIN! A+++

The Players: Veteran lead guitarist and backup vocalist, Switch and Bassist Trent Stroh, an accomplished touring musician with Eddie Money, Nancy Sinatra and Air Supply to name just a few, were top notch.
What a great presence for keyboardist-vocalist, Monica SchneiderPaul Nelson was a high powered guitarist and backup vocalist who absolutely thrilled the packed Levoy Theater auditorium by transforming in dress as Freddie Mercury for a mind-blowing performance of the infamous Bowie-Queen collaboration of  Under Pressure!
Drummer Kevin Stevens, a veteran of sessions and stage he was featured in the original production of Rock Of Ages as well as work with icon Jeff Beck kept the tempo, in fact was the jet engine driving these timeless classics!
A total fantastic experience! A++++

Where can I see this show?  Tour:

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Don Felder formerly of The Eagles

The Borgata Music Box: 3/10/18

Don Felder Rocked The Music Box crowd with a blazing 17 song set list of mainly Eagles hits. A total time warp, time machine escape to the 1970's when radios blared with Take It Easy (1971),One Of These Nights (1975), and the Felder-penned Rock anthem Hotel California (1976). The Don Felder show never disappoints. He is quite simply, a songwriter, a composer with hits! He is a front man "vocalist" in his own right and his ageless presence and appearance was unmistakable to the Classic Rock partisans who thoroughly enjoyed the escape from present day drama and heartbreak. The Eagles music is ageless, like fine wine. From the Country'fied Peaceful Easy Feeling (1974),The vocal harmony magic of Seven Bridges Road, to the the cool, vampy Victim Of Love(1976), my all time fave Eagles diddy, rocked it for me! Felder's 2012 solo album release Road To Forever, a #1 Hit at Classic Rock radio was also featured including the hard-hitting, Rockin' Girls In Black'.  PLAYLIST GRADE: A++++

Band: All-star players, included veteran keyboardist Timothy Drury, a touring player with Stevie Nicks and Melissa Etheridge among others. Other veteran touring players who have played with Kid Rock, Kenny Chesney, Todd Rundgren and Crosby Stills and Nash complimented both the energy of Felder's play and hard-hitting tempo of the great songs we have all known and loved for decades! A+++

Don Felder is embarking on a 2018 Tour also featuring Classic Rock legends STYX and R.E.O. Speedwagon. Beginning Tuesday night (3/13), in Duluth, Minnesota and making their way back east for dates in the fall, It's a must see! WOW!  TOUR:

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Concert Review: Rolling Stones Tribute: The Glimmer Twins!

RoCKTOBER 13, 2017:  The Levoy Theater, Millville, NJ

How do I say, the luckiest Friday the 13th ever experienced by me! As a diehard fan of The Rolling Stones since I ponied up the pennies at age 11 to buy the HOT ROCKS' double LP, I experienced all those great songs up close and personal by The number #1 Rolling Stones Tribute band, The Glimmer Twins! UP close and personal and resembling the legendary, youthful boys on that infamous 1972 Exile On Main Street Tour, The Glimmer Twins rocked, shredded, pranced, oooozed" and sang me into a 1960's-70's time warp that I couldn't get out of. NO, rather, I didn't desire to get out of! A+++  

The Players: AmaZing! Mick was Mick, Keith was Keef,' The lady singer was Lisa Fischer, who for many years was the dynamic and powerful backup vocal presence of the some of those iconic, timeless songs. She did not disappoint. Usually, I research the real names of these accomplished "tribute" players but here I must admit for the sake of my time machine bubble' it really doesn't matter. The players were tight, the "characters" were spot on and I was truly lost in the songs! I especially loved not only the skill and stage persona of the "Keith guitarist" but really liked his joking around and in total Keith tone throughout. "I almost forgot that I wrote this song".............well, it's probably because I didn't" (insert smokers throat Keef' chuckle here)*  Backing guitar, Bass, keyboards and drums were all apart of this special presentation. AND I must say the sax presence was Bobby Keys at his finest. THIS special musician also showed fine skill with the flute and keyboards.  A+++

The songs:  Covering the classics from the 1960's through the 1980's, the setlist was appreciated by all. patrons in seats behind me were commenting all night how great "this song", "that song"were and how convincing the act was. Just a fantastic presentation, a surefire escape for longtime diehards' like myself! The show open included a very cool old time movie clip of Chuck Berry plodding rhythmically on Nadine' and some classic Stones footage. The Glimmer Twins then exploded with Brown Sugar out of the starting gate. Wow! And that sax bridge! I knew I was in for a good night. While Brown Sugar is my all time favorite song by the legendary Rolling Stones, my all time favorite album is Exile On Main Street. It was the second album purchase I made with the limited fund$ of a 13 year old in the summer of 1972. From the opening number, Brown Sugar into All Down The Line' from Exile, I really needed a seat belt for my auditorium chair. The ensemble performing these timeless classics were best on Can't Ya Hear Me Knockin' from Sticky Fingers. The blues were blazing off the guitar strings, especially the solo from "hat guy!" LOVED him and his contributions! OTHER great selections included the Country diddy, Dead Flowers', a song I saw Brad Paisley join for on a Stones tour in recent years. The Glimmer Twins nailed it! Yes, it was a great setlist... but was missing a longtime fave, It's Only Rock N Roll (But I like it).    A++

The Audience: Like most Rolling Stones concerts, fans from 17-70 enjoyed the generational prowess of the World's Greatest Rock N Roll Band and delivered powerfully, note by note by The Glimmer Twins! This appreciative group of fans, some decked on in Stones wear, was a bit too calm and courteous for me but I enjoyed seeing those who stood, danced arm and arm in the front row and shouted out their pleasure for songs. The audience felt the songs and enjoyed their time machine visit back to a time when life seemed "simpler"..WE need to be standing for the Glimmer Twins! B-

Thanks to The Levoy Theater, Amanda, Tyler and the volunteer ushers who were friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.  I love attending shows in this historic theater. It's totally a gem for us music lovers tucked away here in Southern New Jersey. NO....there were no Mike Trout sightings on this fine night in Millville.  A++

Thanks Bob!

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